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Moving Beyond Accounting Software

Most companies started with an accounting software such as QuickBooks or Sage.  As the business operation grows, management often realizes that an accounting software can no longer manage their business effectively.  They need additional features to manage:

  • their customer relationship

  • e-commerce

  • supply chain operations

  • product development

  • documents processing

  • project management

  • documents management

  • internal communication between departments

  • manufacturing orders and resources

  • equipment maintenance and service schedules

  • human resources

  • management reporting tools  

Besides, their communication mainly rely on emails, phone calls and often fail to trace error sources.  Human errors, endless meetings, miscommunication, and missing opportunities have consumed the valuable time of managers and owners.

They need a new reliable tool that can handle more complex company structures and current needs.  They need a state of art ERP replacement. 

Use an ERP to Break the Curse

Odoo ERP is a feature-rich, user-friendly, reliable, customizable, scalable, and affordable solution to their problems.  It is one of a few leading web-based ERPs with millions of end-users worldwide.  It has been selected by many SMB clients in various industries.  It is very likely the right solution for your business.

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ERP Implementation Is Not Easy

Implementing a ERP is a huge challenge to most companies. It requires experts of the software suite and related industrial experience besides a deep understanding of the business operation and culture.  Most companies can't find such personnel nor resource to get the job done. 

Also, the risk of failure could cost the company valuable time, and materials.  The long-term effect of the failure is very difficult to quantify.  Certainty, there will be immediate negative impacts to the company overall. 

Therefore, many successful implementations are done with help of an external consulting firm and the ERP vendor.  

Let Us Help You

We are a partner of Odoo with years of ERP implementations in various industries.  We employ Odoo's proven implementation methodology and work closely with the Odoo support team to reduce the risk of failure and ensure timely delivery.

In addition, our consultants could bring their experience to the table.  We will propose an implementation plan that will utilize Odoo features to eliminate your bottlenecks and even create new capabilities to compete in the market.   We offer 2 hours of FREE consultation and a demo to new clients.  It is risk-free. 

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Located in S. California, we offer Odoo implementation and consulting services to local small-to-midsize businesses.